Love blossoms

When I aquired the knowledge of love, I dreaded the mosque. I fled to my Lords dwelling, Where a thousand sounds reverberate. When love revealed its mystery to me, The parroted words vanishes. Inside and out, I was cleansed. I saw my Beloved wherever I looked. Heer and Ranjha are already one. But Heer, deluded,… Read More Love blossoms

The Kiss

Whenever I kiss these beautiful eyes A hundred candles begin to glow in the dark Not only flowers, or buds, or the moon, or stars At her feet even the rival bows. The statues of Ajanta begin to dance Caves long silent burst into song Gardens long neglected begin to bloom Rain clouds start gathering… Read More The Kiss


You envy the birds freedom they enjoy You adore flowers fragrance they possess You respect old trees enduring time You esteem the rivers flowing endlessly I wish I’m a bird that you envy so much hope I can be a flower You’ll kiss and adore be an old tree to gain your respect be one… Read More Wish


A single word can brighten the face of one who knows the value …. of words. Ripened in silence, a single word aquires a great energy for work. War is cut short by a word, and a word heals the wounds, and there is a word that changes the heart Let a word … mature… Read More Love