being communist

It’s great being a communist although it gives you many headaches. Because communists’ headaches are historical, that is they won’t go away with painkillers only with the realisation of Paradise on Earth. That’s how it is. Under capitalism our heads hurt and our heads are ripped off. In the struggle for Revolution the head is… Read More being communist


About human love she knew nothing. I’ll show you he promised. But first you need legs. And he held up a knife with the sharpest of tips to the ripeness of her emerald tail. She danced an involuntary dance, captive twitching with fear. Swiftly he slit down the muscular length exposing the bone in its… Read More Mermaid

Ours Evening

This melting evening of ours Where everything dissolves the scent of your clothes the blossoming sprouts of my dreams All dissolves A deferred vision, this is In a little while a star will emerge on the horizon To gaze at you Meaningfully…! Your heart shall then reminisce the echo of a memory The tale of… Read More Ours Evening

John berger Says

The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled. Each evening we see the sun set. We know that the earth is turning away from it. Yet the knowledge, the explanation, never quite fits the sight.                     -John berger-

Think of others

When you get ready for the morning food think of others. don’t forget to throw sprinklings for the pigeons. Even in wars think of others Don’t forget those who want peace. While you pay water bill, think of others Don’t forget those who only have clouds to drink from. While you go home, think of… Read More Think of others

It Might Snow

Loneliness ‬ ‪Raise the curtain ‪Let the darkness seep in‬ ‪Don’t let him write his name‬ ‪On my cold windowpane ‬ Don’t you leave me I’ll be needing your warmth The warmth of his breath’s frozen In the waters of the lake Where he last saw me I refuse to freeze I refuse to be… Read More It Might Snow


I have scarcely left you when you go in me, crystalline, or trembling or uneasy, wounded by me or overwhelmed with love, as when your eyes close upon the gift of life that without cease I give you. My love, we have found each other thirsty and we have drunk up all the water and… Read More absence


They peer from beyond Glasses of locked cupboards They stare longingly For months we do not meet The evenings once spent in their company Now pass at the computer screen. They are so restless now, these books- They have taken to walking in their sleep They stare longingly The values they stood for Whose batteries… Read More books

This winter

Last winter was difficult Remembering it I shiver this winter Though the days are not so severe Last winter mother departed A love letter went missing a job was lost I don’t know where I wandered in the nights The many telephone calls I made My own things kept falling All over me This season… Read More This winter

really too far

God I’m asking seriously Can we be saved? Or is it as I feared Has this hatred seared our skin And our emotions, they’ve been cleared God I’m asking, pleading you Is this world really gone? Are we really too far gone? ARE WE? ! – Jose Hernandez-