Faiz on films via Jago hua Savera


                                           Faiz Painting@ ShubnumGill

The film made in the second half of the 1950s may be considered the most serious and creative attempt at film making in Pakistan. The film was “Jaggo Hua Sawera”, directed by A.J. Kardar with script and lyrics by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. It is interesting to note that the film is often referred to as “Faiz Sahib’s film”, by the common film commentator as well as the cultivated film connoisseur (including Safdar Mir, a talented film maker himself). The director’s name mentioned is only in passing. Perhaps this is because Faiz was by then an important figure on the political scene in the country. After his release from prison he had indulged whole-heartedly in trade-union activity and was a vociferous spokesman of radical change in the socio-economic structure of the country.

Director A. J. Kardar adopted a narrative style in the film which had not previously been used in commercial cinema. It was meant to communicate subjectivity in a study of characters. A special technique used in the film was that of close-ups that lasted up to a minute, lingering on the facial expressions. The technique was inspired by Podpikin, the Russian director, and especially from his silent movie ‘Mother’ where he used it to create empathy with the character. It is difficult to assess how successfully Kardar was able to use this technique, for many people did not respond to it and it was possibly instrumental in the film’s failure in commercial terms at box office. It can be said with certainty that it was not the content of the film, but Faiz’s name that drew the crowds to the theatre…The  Ahmad Salim   interview with faiz Ahmed Faiz.


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