Kishore kumar in conversation



kishore kumar

This is an interesting conversation. Alone of its kind and unmatched singer – actor Kishore Kumar and journalist Pritish Nandy had this conversation. Pritish formal – Kishore Kumar effortlessly with professional questions are as boisterous, it shows that some of its extreme popularity, do not carry that burden. This interview first appeared in Ilestreted Weekly, April 1985 issue.


Khandwa I heard that you are going to leave Bombay …

The insensate, Mitrvihin town who can, where every man at all times to exploit you want? Here’s someone you can trust? What is dependable here? It is a friend you can count on here? I decided that I get out of the rat race and just shall live insignificant as I wanted to live. Their ancestral home in Khandwa. Their ancestral land. Who wants to die in this ugly city!!

Why you come here?

I came to visit my brother Ashok Kumar. He was a big star at that time. I thought he could introduce me to KL Saigal, who was my biggest role model. People say that he had a nasal twang … but what happened? She was a great singer. The Great.

Segal’s famous songs such news that you are planning to create an album …

I was told, I refused. Why should I try to make them obsolete? Let them live in our memory. Let their lyrics to their songs as well. Do not give the person a chance to say that Kishore Kumar sings better than him.

If you did not like Bombay, why do you stay here? For fame? For money?

I was stuck here. I just wanted to sing. Never did not want to act. But thanks to some special circumstances, I was asked to act. I hated every moment of it and I’ve tried every way possible to avoid this.

but she did not let me go. I shouted, screamed, became thick. There was but who cares? He had just decided to make me a star.


I had a brother Dadamuni. And he was a great hero.

But you have succeeded …

Of course I did. After I hero Dilip Kumar was the highest grossing. In those days I was so movies that I go from one set to the other set were changing between Kpdne. Picture this. Going from one set to the other set is blowing my shirt, my pants are falling, my wig is exiting. Too often I was adding to their lines, or sharp temper and romancing at the scene of the battle between the romancing. It was very bad and I hate it. He gave up school days nightmare. The director was like schoolteacher. Do it. Do that. Do not do it. Do not do that. I was afraid of it. That’s why I often had to run away..



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