Spirituality and Sufism






The miracle achieved by Holy Prophet Muhammad was that he changed the inner thinking, the way of living and the cleansing of the soul of all evil thoughts. After being cleansed, only then were they given scripture and wisdom. Our Holy Prophet gave a practical demonstration of sanctification and spiritual training through the example of the life he led. In doing so, he brought the souls of the people nearer to the Almighty. This act – the total absorption in the love of Allah – is Sufism, spirituality. When one has reached this stage, one loses all fear and feels no pain.


Islamic history has many examples of people who have excelled in self-sanctification and achieved spirituality and who have helped rulers and commanders when they were facing difficulties. They inspired confidence and courage and gave hope. They taught that what was important was spiritual power, not worldly attractions. Contact with, and obedience to Allah, was what was important. The more one follows the Devine edicts and obeys Allah, the more one gains in spirituality..

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