Ascending upstairs

We hardly often realize that

Stairs descend too


With so much effort stairs are ascended

Every time had to descend much more stairs


Memories of ladder and snake haunts

One day distances shall be covered

Sake of fulfilling such a dream

Ladders are found laid

Much similar to status quo of surface beneath


Ascending the stairs

Hardly had we discovered that

Job to ascend stairs is not as difficult as

Witnessing transformation of ours as Stairs


This and those who mend stairs

Stairs are not tailor made for them!

They hardly get chances to go upstairs

Ascending and descending

We hardly discover the agonies of Ladder 

Construction Labourers work through ladders of woods

City speeding on Electric Escalators


Is it time that mends Stairs

Or Time creates ladders

Failing on stairs

We hardly realized the truths.


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