Spencer tracy


spencer tracy

Like most stars Tracy had his own share of ego, normally spelt in capitals but unlike most, he was no skirt chaser. Later his association with Kate Hepburn brought him solace and comfort and she stood by him strongly.

Both never spoke out about their relationship and when Garson Kanin wrote a book about them,  Tracy and Hepburn  Hepburn objected to the book calling it perverse and untrue. However her love for him was 24-carat real.

As an actor, Tracy had few equals. He lived every role he did with no hint of ‘hamming’.

 Cukor puts  Spencer was creative but he did not do all this business of going into things and examining themselves which I think lets a lot of magic out.

Spencer Tracy outshone almost everybody else during his day, and ruled the movie land as perhaps the most natural actor ever to walk left to right along the film frame.

His methods were simple but the effect was spectacular. Give him any role – gangster, priest, sailor, lawyer, irate father – he did it naturally, brilliantly.

No wonder Bette Davis, never free with praise, said of him  Oh, he is the actor’s actor.” He was nominated nine times for the Best Actor Oscar, a record and won it twice in succession – equaled only by Tom Hanks more than 50 years later.

That was the great star, a stalwart described him  plateau beyond greatness…

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