Berlin wall


The Berlin Wall was a Symbol, a Symbol of an unworkable System economic decline surveillance and oppression totalitarianism. its rise and fall represents an important Event .



  It was Germany’s call

  To separate on account of political fear

  For the East’s morph into communism was near


But the West remained capitalist and strong

  Of course it wouldn’t be long

  Until desire crept in

  To cross the wall from East to West Berlin


Many would die

  Others would strive

  Trying to make it through

  What would you do?


Risk your life for the chance of better living conditions

  Or stay where you are regardless of the government’s poor decisions

  Not everyone was against communist rule though

  Those people liked the East better you know


It was tough to say which government would prevail

  But it was clear that reunification would be necessary for Germany to not fail


Now down came the wall

 Barbed wire and all

 Finally the time had come for the Berlin Wall to fall



Poem describes the challenge of living on the communist side of the wall. Many people debated escaping in hope for a better life on the West side. Some people, however, did not mind living under communist rule so they did not face this decision.  By ending the poem with the fall of the wall it symbolizes the fall of communism and reunification.





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