midnight hours



Though darkness looms within my heart, the Lord declares His power,

a mighty fortress in my storm, while in this midnight hour.

The darkest night’s before the dawn, the clock is soon to strike,

and daybreak brings a miracle to change my broken life.


For hope is just a prayer away; my answer’s coming soon,

My strength is in my God above, Who hung the stars and moon.

If we didn’t sometimes suffer and endure some tribulation

We’d never put our faith to work, a gift of our salvation.


For it’s eleven fifty-five and all I see are clouds,

Clouds of darkness pouring rain upon this storm of doubt.

But even in the darkness I can see a ray of hope,

For night gives way to morning and the sun is soon to show.


For it’s the midnight hours, not the brightness of the day,

That gives us testimonies while it teaches us of faith.

For I’m a testimony of God’s strength, His love and power,

and I am who I am today because of midnight hours…


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