different sentiments


You are sharing my sorrows – I am, in my heart, ashamed;

Till when, with my false sorrows, will I give you this pain.


You indeed are overcome with fidelity – swirling with desire;

I am mourning the loss of yearning – I will go mad.


Rejoice not in winning me – I am but a regret;

I will lose, sulk forever; I will gain, I will regret


The time of companionship is fine, but I feel:

You indeed will stay with me – I will be left alone


At dusk sometimes, it is as though the heart is sinking;

Love me not to this extent – I may die.


Let love, on reaching any stage, not be so carefree;

On bed I will now lie – and fall asleep as soon as I lie.


*Jaun Elia


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