agonies of wanderer



This world and these people are not for me

Whom should I tell the state of my restless heart?


I am the extinguished flame of my own mausoleum
If only I could forget, but I am unable to forget
with what uproar marched the funeral of Spring
I know neither my own whereabouts nor have I heard news from friends
Even enemies do not receive such a punishment for love
Others meet the God for whom they have searched
Let me have just one glance from my beloved


Even as I enter the wilderness, I found no shelter
I found no pretense to erase the memory of my sadness
What can I understand about the world in which my heart remains longing for love?
Upon losing a winning gamble, I must search for my lost friend


Far from my gaze, someone is shedding tears
How can I resist going when someone calls to me?
Either let me mend this broken heart or let me break all ties
Oh mountains, show me the path! Oh thorns, let go of my embrace!

This world and these people are not for me


*Waris shah and Kaifi



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