Every step

lonely man

arms outstretched
meet me

at every step
leap a hundred directions
I want to explore
their experiences and dreams
all seem real
I want to go deeper
a restless curiosity within me
I don’t know what I’ll discover

I imagine in every stone
a burning diamond,
in every breast an impatient soul,
the transparent river in gentle faces
that each voice has an epic-angst.
I wish to embark upon every journey
swim through every heart, 
this is how I give myself away—fragment.
It is much too strange
I keep wandering
am often deceived.
I delight in seeing
myself cheated.
Even in me
sits a happy fool
drunk upon sadness and mad laughter,
the world is its own nemesis.

These advancing crossroads
where I stand and gossip
take away my stories
give me others…
…I find a novel

tales of distress, grievances,
ego-analysis, yarns,
I listen to the spirited verses and psalms

Poems make love
vie with one another,
are sacrificed upon the fire-steps
of living/ dying.


*Muktibodh  Via Translations


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