Sister on departed brother


You were my brother, you were my friend

I don’t understand how it came to this end.

Life seems so cruel when it turns against us

even when we created most of the problems that haunt us.

We have nothing but questions with no end in sight,

when God calls one home to his eternal light.

Our thoughts leave us empty and feeling alone,

we can’t understand God, why you’ve taken them home.

What comfort we find, comes only with time,

as we try to repair our lives from despair.


We ask you O Lord to help us believe,

So our hearts and our minds may begin to conceive

how only Your way is the path to our end,

and with Your guiding light may our healing begin.


The phone calls you made late into the night,

were your cry for help from your troubles and fright.

Would we have done anything different to reach out to you,

there’s just no way of knowing what only God knew.

I can’t help but wonder along with those left behind,

how our enduring love couldn’t save you this time.

Not a day will go by that we don’t think of you,

and how different it could be if only ..





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