Lets talk about trust


Trust is the essential binding force which holds together human society. Just as we perform a myriad of daily tasks trusting in our knowledge of our natural environment, knowing that the ground will be solid under our feet, that there will be air to breathe and that gravity will keep us from flying off into space, so we also trust our social environment and relate to our fellow human beings based on our knowledge of and experience with their moral character and competence.

We drive down the road trusting that other drivers will avoid hitting us, we take an elevator trusting that maintenance workers and inspectors will have ensured that it will function properly, we eat food from a store or restaurant trusting that it will not poison us, we put our money in a bank trusting that we can withdraw it when needed, and so forth. Without trust, no human society would be possible.


Trust is essential at all levels of human organization. When families have problems, a major element is often a lack of trust. Similarly, businesses can fail when the public, investors, suppliers and/or employees no longer trust management, and governments can fall when they lose the trust of their constituents.

Trustworthiness is those qualities and behaviors that elicit trust from others and make us worthy of their confidence. We learn how to relate to something or someone.

Because human beings can learn and improve, trust is not static and trustworthiness can be encouraged and developed. Children should be taught from …Read More of Trust and Trustworthiness >>>



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