Land of Love


Kiss me like you mean it and hug me with a warm embrace,
Tell me how much you love me, while you caress my face.
Hold me in your arms and never let me go, I can’t get enough,
Lets disappear into deep blue sea, headed to the land of love.

We’ll set sail as the sunrises and the morning is at its peak,
Smell the fresh air because romance it’s what we seek.
The sun’s reflection off the ocean, makes a beautiful sight,
The water’s so clear you can see the bottom, what a delight.

Many colors of fish swim around, nothing can compare,
The beauty of it all is the love that we share.
It warms the soul and makes you feel at ease,
This is a place that gives you everlasting peace.

The land of love is a place where true lovers go,
A paradise full of total bliss, that you can show.
No worries of the world can reach you there,
Only pure happiness and memories that you can share.

It’s your own personal garden of Eden, clean from all bad,
Uplifts your spirit, no room for being sad.
It’s heavenly and a place you just won’t believe,
Making you want to stay forever, never wanting to leave.

Time stands still, like a movie stuck on pause,
Rejuvenating your soul, as duty calls.
A trip to the land of love is what we all need,
To cleanse our bodies and minds indeed.

 *One &Only


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