strange roads


Strange roads of the strange city 
kept smiling on my loneliness 

for long time I wandered there 
for long time you came to my mind 

hardships came, hardships I suffered 
I lived daily as if I had breathed out 

Life kept on testing me 
I kept on testing my life 

So on and so forth I lived my life 
What was wrong me, you didn’t like? 

I was ready to give my life for you 
Money not love was of value to you 

I wish I had never met you 
No I cannot live without you 

Take me back my darling 
All my life I’ll be a serf to you 

Kiss your rear no matter what you do 
My heart has now for ever fallen for you 

O my poor heart, I am 
Suffering now only because of you! 

*Rahi Masum Raza



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