You know what the best part
of a bad place is.
It’s the broken people
pieced perfect
in their place.
It’s the sad stories
that leave nowhere to go
but up.
It’s the bad breaks
that only leave room
for laughter.
The tragic face
wearing a smile.
The way we look
by candles
with our imperfections
pushed to dark corners.
It is the beauty
of madness
the freedom
in death
the perfect spiral
and the view
on the way down.
There’s a purity
on the bottom,
with little lies
and less to gain.
It’s the people
in the same place
at the same time
counting on each other
to remain




One response to “Freedom

  1. Brilliant! A list of silver linings all the more powerful for their hopelessness. I congratulate you on such a fine write.

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