angel at midnight


on the verge of the end

not knowing what to do

wishing that something would happen

to light up this dark midnight sky


while the world is sleeping,

and the moon’s gentle light

spreads a tranquil calm

i feel as though i am the last living soul


lying in darkness staring into the open,

dancing gracefully in the shadows of midnight

a beautiful black butterfly fluttering peacefuly

pierces the darkness with its soft golden edged wings


dropping down the sky

like an angel from the midnight sky

she wraps me in her arms

as we glide among the clouds and stars;


dancing upon the midnight flowers,

the midnight fairy gleams with light

watching us from a distance and whispering

I just want you to smile like you used to


it is not an illusion

i wonder if it is all true


as the wind blows into my face

sitting under the starry night sky



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