we are so similar


You, me, we’re all so similar. We all struggle; we all bleed; we all live; we all breathe. But, the simple truth is that sometimes we really don’t want to. Sometimes all we want to do is give in. Sometimes we just want to stop the pain however we can. I hate being numb but sometimes I try to be just so I don’t have to feel. I hate the idea of leaving my loved ones blaming themselves, in shock, wondering why I had to leave but sometimes I almost leave them anyway. We’ve all been sticking around for some reason and sometimes none of us know what that reason is.

That’s because we’re lost and being lost is ok even if it doesn’t seem to be. If we never got lost we could never be found and if we get lost often enough eventually we’ll be found by something that was worth all the wait, something we never want to leave. For some of us that thing is a person. Maybe a wonderfully perfect person with heart and more to share but more often then not the person we find is beautifully broken just like us. They might only have their heart to give but they still give it to you anyway and you return the favor. Two beings so broken shining brilliantly in their own night sky. Shining. Glimmering. Glistening. Breathing. Two hearts that alone are not whole. Two hearts that alone are broken beyond repair but together are complete. This day comes for all of us. Some people have to wait longer than others and some find it quickly. The fact is that even though it doesn’t seem like anything could ever get better, that you’ve forgotten how to be happy and what it feels like, that happiness seems like a humorless joke but your tomorrow will come and when it comes you’ll know that somehow, it was worth all the wait.

*James Grey




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