the best of love

violindoes love truly bring the best out of us?

Or we simply pretend to be so sweet


The shackles of devotion are soon to scatter

Feeling like the way above all the chatter.

Although these glimpses are too appealing

But truth behind beauty is ready for revealing.

A journey of ages, a ride to horizon,

A deal with the destiny, is not an easy quest


When clinging to the dreams and desires

Did many a silly mistakes many times

The lyrics of my songs, the tunes I produced

All never went with your typical rhymes

I can not be the finest for the sake of you

Oh love! Let me hide in my simple nest.


Can you let me be what I feel like to be?

Can I have my existence on only on myself?

I am not the best, will never be like that

Like an unread book in the sandy shelf

But refinement is possible in any thing we see

A good is always ready to be the best.


I’ll try bringing out what best is latent

Yet it’s not for you, Love, it’s for only me.




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