sad about love


Oh poor love, i pity on you

 For making you wait for hours.

 Gazing at my half-opened windows,

 Staying at the tightly closed doors.

 For never summoning you up,

 For the admiration you could make.

 But what’s true of you doesn’t exist,

 And What exists seems fake


 Oh poor love! It would never me,

 Drowsing in your intriguing spell.

 Your labors will be all lost

 Here you should never dwell.

 My adoration is to your power

 As only the theme of my verse

 The charming thoughts although come,

 But take seconds to disperse..


 Oh poor love! There’l come one day,

 When your truth will be revealed,

 You’l show your unseen face,

 The inner pains will be healed.

 I wish to grow, i want to rise

 But you believe in making people fall,

 The tenderness is not always alike,

 In happy hours and in worries call.


 Oh poor love!You should be no more,

 A captive of beauties and days,

 Here is the time to change,

 We need some sound ways.

 Things are always beyond,

 A Man to lady or a lady to man.

 Are these the pains of pleasure

 Or the pleasures of pain


 Oh poor love! Be strong and regime,

 Buds no more, let’s strengthen the stem.




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