There is God



One young lady who was working
as a domestic received a call one
morning from her employer.
The boss said , pliz don’t come
to work. I have found your
She cried a lot. Because she
knew that her family depended
on her salary.
After crying she was heard
saying , the bible says , for I
know the plans I have for. That
gave her strength. She kneeled
down. She prayed . She ddnt lose
hope. She prayed every day. She
prayed every morning.
When God closes a door , he
opens another one.
One day when she was going
around looking for a job , she
met a young man , the man
said , can you please come and help
me at my office , my accountant
didn’t come to work because she
is relocating. So she ddnt give
me any notice.
The girl said but Sir I’m just a
house keeper I know nothing
about office staff. The man
said ,I will teach you everything.
I will take you to school.
This was a dream come true for
this young lady.
Moral of the Story , GOD can lift
you up from Zero to HERO 



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