snow in winter


When solid water tumbles from the murky sky,

In misery and ecstasy, we dare to laugh and cry.

This is an obtuse way

To speak of snow,

As it gets very slow,

For folks who must go

To and fro.


The very early silver flakes, hit the ground in December.

But now and then in some old place,

They come to us in November.

Nature starts

Her wintry season,

And we have good reason

To fly off to Eden,

Where it’s warm and even.


Sometimes the snowfall far exceeds the norm,

From flakes, to hail, to slush, or any form

We behold this storm

With great alarm,

For it can do much harm

As we try to stay warm

In city or farm.


At last we change the clocks at Equinox.

As we pray for ice to melt away.

And take great pleasure,

In the longer day

As we look towards May,

With fields full of hay

And the beach by the bay,

And Summer here to stay.


*Peter Elias


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