expressions untold




I’m fragile as glass,
Handle with care.
I have a little sass,
But I’m rarely unfair.

I’m delicate as a flower,
Beauty to everyone’s eye.
I love with so much power,
That no one can deny.

I’m valuable as a gem,
Precious to have.
I’m not like the rest of them,
I’ll never treat you bad.

I’m gentle as a baby,
Innocent and sweet.
I’m respectful as can be,
To everyone I meet.

I’m mean as a pit bull,
If you cause me pain.
I play by all the rules,
My life is far from plain.

I’m dark as night,
Because of my past.
Inside there’s still light,
That will always last.

I’m free like a bird,
Just want to fly away.
don’t hurt me with words,
If with me you intend to stay.

I’m solid like a house,
Built strong to withstand.
Little like a mouse,
And I do everything I can.

I’m cuddly as a cat,
If you treat me right.
I’m me and that is that,
Everyday and every night.




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