garden of flowers


I think of when I studied the flower garden
and asked an abundance of ‘what’s
the pink buds waved their arms in vain-
all I saw was the knowledge to gain.

Countless beauties i could not see
not in the rose or the twisted tree
I did not know it all was all I knew
so didn’t appreciate the morning dew.

For why is it there? I had to know
why is there green ‘moss’ there below?
why is that man looking so enthralled?
beauty is a luxury we can’t afford.

When the green grew tall I had to find why
meticulously, I didn’t care for the sky
is beauty just optical illusion
to rid some knowledge and cause pollution?

Years later when I returned
my thirst for knowledge it still burned
but the numbness it had now dulled
and I saw that I was the one fooled.

For a while I sought knowledge with every measure
I had missed out on such a pure, pure pleasure
the connection between me and the earth-
I see now it existed since my birth.





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