Tragic Peshawar

pak terror
Hamza, Humayun, Awais
and the unnamed angels,
God was not there
Only He heard from a distance

They were all one body
born for this day
They were all one heart
tied by filaments of hate

Not one face, not one voice
I stood close to their sameness
You could see their prayers die
in burning smokes of innocence

Here is Hamza, Humayun,
There Awais, all the angels
God brought them on earth to kill
Peshawar, once the city of lullabies
Is not my city any longer.

I tore one rib from
my heart
My tears rose and fell
Only the soul lived,
bodies left dead wounds in
God’s distant throne

There I saw earth’s killing sin
proclaim victory
There was blood in every eye
There was death in every soul
Innocence crucified
for now, forever

Earth bows to weight of its stillness
It was never innocent
Every eye glitters in hate
Every voice is death
God’s two hands
turning red in pages
of stones

They were all one heart
In the war on innocence, Peshawar killed us all.
Peshawar– the last stop of the God…
bleeding dead in the lonely streets.




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