candle mourning
 for innocent childrens killed in Peshawar Pakistan


Numb is my refuge
Numb, is my refuge
How does one begin to feel the horror
Of the school carnage?
Confusion, my excuse
How does one begin to understand
Such senseless, inhumane violence?
Mute, is my witness,
Although I want to scream, not one more,
How do you make yourself heard
To a militant terrorist, deaf,to the call of humanity?
Helpless my stance,
What can be done, one lone self,
Against the aggressive onslaught of countless injustices?
So let us feel, think, voice, show our outrage today,
Until we chase the next trending hashtag,
The next tragedy
And I will re-post this remonstrance,
Or until it hits home
Till then, numb is my refuge.



*Subhashini Koundinya

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