Talking to Taliban


They’re even scared of girls

They damn light of knowledge,

And they chant of the Supreme Lord

The Light

Winking His law,

They spout their oath:

That no book illumines the hands

No pen be between fingers

No place be for writing a name

That women be nameless

They who’re alarmed by girls

Evangelize in every city:

That the lush self of a budding girl

be veiled

That to the questioning heart

Only one wisdom–

Girls are girls

that they’re no birds

that they’d hover like birds
No schools, no offices

For the slinky beauties, the holy ones:

Four walls your world

This is the decree above the Decree

They who convulse to even girls
they are stalking here, somewhere very close

Notice them, know them

Be ready for anything
in the fallen city

dare,fortify the heart,

They who shudder even to girls

what pygmies they are

Go,announce in every city:

dare,harden up, trust this

That they with cold feet in sight of even girls

are such pygmies.





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