Packing bags and memories


 new sun

She is packing memories…

          Of sunny laughs caught in a photograph

          Of silent tears captured in blotted ink

          Of secrets tucked away in worn-out cards

          And pride, through faded metal, glinting..


She is discarding…

           A few crumpled letters… finally…

           A half-made painting which could never be

           A broken promise..  heartache

           Some glass bangles.. a pendant sans image…


She is zipping…

           The coffee sessions over gossip, a pair of gloves..

           A few precious books, droplets of rain, a hug

           Blessings, celebrations, victory,

           Anger, sarcasm, betrayal.. all in one…


She is forgetting…

           The darkest night that shrouded her dreams

           The autumn that shed all her hopes

           The blue-colored mood of the day

           Swollen eyes, smudged kohl..


She is forgiving…

           The holocaust of her life-time

           The demons of thoughts.. and flesh…

           The harbingers of anguish and pain

           And herself.. for falling prey…


She is praying…

          For that smallest entity which gave her a smile

          For the fragrance which filled her being

          For every goodness that made its way

          And made her better.. and glow…


Yes she is smiling now

Also unknowingly crying..

For she is blessed to have it all

It’s so difficult to leave, and to go…





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