goodbye hurting


I left your hand and said goodbye
Didn’t turn around, was afraid I’d cry
Left with only memories to treasure
Of our ups and downs together

Looking back, I could’ve done more
I know I shouldn’t have shut the door
But hindsight is such a wonderful gift
I let our relationship fade and drift

I miss our talks now that you have gone
And the days feel sad, empty and long
So many things I should have told you
But at times, I just didn’t know how to

Words didn’t always come very easily
And we spent so much of our lives apart
Every time we tried to make amends
We would fail even before the start

You had your stubborn ways about you
And you didn’t listen when I was upset
But now I’m living my life with thoughts
Of things I didn’t do and now regret

I always knew that life is too short
But you were taken so quick and suddenly
Before I had time to take it all in
You were soon taken far away from me

You were needed in a different place
And we would never see each other again
But sometimes when I look around me
I sense you are still with me now and then


*donna WOODS


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