dialogue with heaven


Why do you think you have to achieve something to earn My Love?
It is not so, my precious one.
The love between men may feel that way,
it has been corrupted and made impure.
I Love you without any sort of conditions.
In My Eyes, in My Love, the Love that created you,
you are the most beloved precious thing in the world,
and you will remain so, no matter what you do, say or think.
You are Love, lovely one, it cannot be lost from you or fade away,
it cannot diminish or weaken in strengh.
Please try to understand how precious you are.
don’t ignore My Love for you, for when you do,
I cry in pain.
When you feel wothless, you make Me feel abandoned
and neglected.


I have such beautiful plans for you, precious one.
If you live in Me, if you let Me guide you,
your life will become extraordinary.
I ask only this from you:
that you let Me love you,
that you let Me comfort you.
that you let Me bathe you in My loving presence.

I love you so much, my precious child.
And My Love for you is eternal.

I am eternal.
And you are eternal in Me.



*TRiNi  LiND



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