Her laugh is so melodious, a siren song,
crashing ships and stealing hearts.
She’s stolen my heart.
Yet you can’t steal something that’s already
Her body is a mystery, one for the history
Her lips, so pink and kissable, taunt me like a
She is a goddess,
a true Aphrodite,
a creature of immense and unexplainable
Yet beautiful is an insult.
She is not beautiful.
She is a work of art, a true Picasso.
In her eyes, I see infinity.
I see stars.
I see the Devil himself.
What I do not see, is her.
She wears a mask.
She hides herself from others like a
frightened puppy in a thunderstorm.
And yet, she could not be any more perfect.
You look up the word perfect in the
dictionary, and you will see her face.
Perfect black curls, curls darker than
my soul.
Perfect smile, a smile so killer it deserves
twenty-five to life in the local prison.
When I see her, I’m a deer caught in
I’m frozen, turned to ice, turned to stone.
When she smiles at me, I see Heaven.
I talk with God like he’s an old friend.
And when she says my name, I melt like the
wicked witch,
and fall deeper…and deeper…and deeper…




Cosmo Tc Da Poet




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