I feel that I’ve forgotten you.. I feel that I have moved on, but the moment I see you in front of me.. and the moment you look at me, I feel completely defeated.

I forget every thing and believe that you are still the love of my life.

I want to erase away our memories of fun ! I want to abandon you in my house of thoughts ! but what am I supposed to do? You still make my heart beat the way you used to ..!

Look into my eyes.. you will still see that mad love in it, You were my first love, you will always be so ! But when you left me.. you killed that loving person within me.

even if I move on in life, I’ll never be the way I was ..!

I miss being with you, I miss being what I was when I was with you ..!

I might fall in Love, but it’ll never be the same again !


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