a picture of father


There are lots of little pictures of Father
Scattered throughout the house
His eyes sparkle brightly
with something far-seeing
Goodness or courage
In the picture Father doesn’t cough
He’s not agitated
His hands and legs don’t ache
He does not stoop or compromise
One day Father stands next to his picture
And begins explaining
Just as a teacher shows a map to his pupils
Father says I’m not like my picture
But the new rooms I’ve added
In this old house, you take them
Take my goodness to battle against those evils
That you’ll meet along the way
Don’t take my sleep take my dreams
It’s me who’s worried who is agitated
I stoop and compromise
I groan with the pain in my hands and feet
I cough like Father
I look at Father’s picture for a long time



 ~Rupert Snell via Mangalesh dabral~


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