soft and fluid laughter

romantic rains

My beloved, your laughter is soft and fluid,

which I drank upon hearing it

May you keep smiling forever, your cheeks blushing
May the mornings and evenings.

keep meeting at the nape of your neck, under your hair.
May your fragrant laughter keep blooming for ever.

Don’t go out in the garden, dressed in (yellow) sunshine
All those insects will bug you, don’t go near the flowers

(PS: Bhanvra is a black insect that eats flower nectar)

Smile that soft, beautiful smile of yours yet again

Like a freshly fallen leave, lying still on the green lawn.
Yet containing all the shades of spring in every glance
(It’s as if) all my seasons are because of you

Keep smiling that soft smile of yours in every season

Some time, let’s go on a stroll through this blue sky
And rain down on the earth, when we come across a cloud

At times, I wish it was just you, me and the sky and the rain –

we would be one with each-other, and one with the nature

A flicker in your earring
Makes my nights glitter, makes my evenings bloom

I wish I could spend these dark nights in the shade of your hair
And see your dark eyes sparkle when a bright idea flits through your mind

I could sacrifice my earth and sky in exchange for even one of your smile

Some time, when the valley is snow-clad; shivering despite being clad in woolen clothes…

Some time, when the valley is snow-clad,

I wish it was echoing with your laughter
And I can see you clad in woolen clothes,

smoke coming out of your mouth as you speak
A warm, bright, soft smoke..

*GULZAR via Kanupriya

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