want to live


I want to live
In the mountains of Kashmir
I want to live
Where nobody can claim
This is my country
This is my territory
In the middle of the sea
In the forests of Niyamgiri
Listening to the old Adivasi
Cry in his wisdom and complain
That the earth is bleeding
Hunted are the hunters
By companies and mining
Silenced are the magic laughters
Drowned are the chanting rivers

I want to go
Where a war is about to start
Before everything is lost
Before they bomb it to dust
For power greed and lust
I want to see
The remains of Persian empire
Spared by time stands its majestic art
Ruined will be the ruins
By blinded men in deadly attire
Ignorant of what is at stake
Proud pilots in their ghastly machines
Collateral damage is called a mistake
When they always plan and calculate
Let us go before it is too late

I want to die
Where mystic mourners celebrate
The end as a new beginning
Under a melodious sky
Where fear has no meaning
Where children fall in love
The way adults never dare to
Gifting petals to the moon
Dancing and praying too
That the game doesn’t end soon
I want to love
Where hope is existence
Where women lead the battle
And where joyful resistance
Is the only survival



*Dalel benababaali*


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