candle of intellect


Kindle the candle of intellect in your heart 
and hasten with it to the world of brightness; 
If you want to light a candle in your heart, 
make knowledge and goodness its wick and oil. 

In the path of the hereafter, one should not walk 
on foot but with the soul and the intellect, 
and for provisions, you must fill the tablecloth 
of your heart with obedience and knowledge. 

0 son, your mind is the garden of intellect, 
turn it not into a furnace with fumes of wine; 
your heart is the blessed mine of knowledge, 
why have you planted a perverse hardness in it? 

Let your heart become soft because a shirt of 
dusky soft silk does not befit a heart of stone; 
cast away ignorance from your mind because 
celebration does not befit a house of lament. 

Comprehend well the wise poetry of the hujja, 
for it is elevated and powerful like Mount Qaran, 
and with the needle of reflection, prick his 
excellent words in your subtle heart and soul. 


~ Nasir-i-khusrau~


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