advice to doctors

Doctor in front of her team

doctor, doctor, be humane
Keep your ethics and act sane
Fleece no patient who is sick 
Quarrels with him, never pick.

Doctor, doctor, condescend;
Treat your patient like your friend;
Be patient until the end;
Don’t look for rich dividend.

Doctor, doctor, listen well
Life for patients can be hell
Spend your life to save lives more;
Don’t rub salt upon the sore!

Doctor, doctor, health is wealth;
Do not look for wealth in health
Do not use a rusty knife;
Heed your conscience all through life.

Doctor, doctor, noble man!
Make the world better, you can
Love your work, God chose for you
Wonders many, you can do.

Doctor, doctor, health-carer!
Be a good soul, torchbearer.





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