If I were a tree


If I were a tree
I would not have asked a bird
Before it built its nest
Which is your cáste
When the sunshine embraced me
The shade would not have lost its purity
The friendship between the leaves and the breeze
Would have been as sweet as ever

The raindrops wouldn’t have backed out
Calling me an untouchable
Rooted in one place
While I flourished in all directions
Mother Earth would not have
Cried, I’m pure, I’m pure

When the holy cow brushed its body
Against my bark to satisfy the itch
Three hundred and thirty million gods
Sheltered in her body
Would touch me on their own accord

Who knows
At the end of my day
A hewn branch of my dried wood
Would have become pure
In the holy fire


Would it have been possible to ascend
The shoulders of the foursome
Who carried the dead body of a
Merited one?

~B Chinnaswami~


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