shoes of helpless


Walk a mile in the shoes of the helpless

Feel how it feels to carry their burdens

Drag the heaviest realities to the waters edge

And watch them sink like a stone into the depths


Opinions formed through sheer ignorance

Can make a chip on the shoulder unbearable

Causing bricks and mortar to crumble away

Leaving only an unfeeling heart laid bare

Cast not the first stone of dismissive arrogance


As it will do more damage than ever imaginable

Casual remarks blister and burn when left unchecked

Leaving the truly innocent to beg the question ‘why’?


Tread lightly all eye of the wicked forked tongue

Speak not of those less fortunate without knowing

Ignorance is only bliss to the blissful idiot

And an idiots words can cause cities to burn


choose your words wisely when spoken with contempt

Realize that the knowledge gained through experience

Carries much greater importance than weightless words

Thrown about without regard for those who actually know




~John JMC ~


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