walk through darkness


The wind is blowing softly
A light somewhere near flickers
I can hear steps approaching
But no one appears
A sudden thunder from above
And then silence is stronger

A light calls for me from the other side of the street
But I don’t go
My eyes are locked with the shadow
That doesn’t appear

The wind becomes stronger
The light dies out
The steps are getting louder
absurdly I can distinguish the shoes:
high-heeled, black boots with silver patterns.

The light that asks me to follow it becomes stronger
But I want to meet this shadow
It haunts me for a really long time.
It’s time to stop.
Suddenly she is standing in front of me.
I can see her clearly now:
Her eyes are like mine.
Her hair also.
I raise my hand and she does it too.
I say a word and she repeats it.
The light of the way out is getting brighter.
The shadow asks me to follow her.
She offers her hand.
Now the light transmits danger signals
It even plays music!

But I cannot hear or see anything else
Apart from the shadow
That is beginning to take a form.
I can see everything different now.

I take her hand and we walk through the darkness
Creating a gold and silver path





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