It is malia


Obama daughter

It is you Malia,
daughter of Obama.
That is as beautiful as Sunrise in Summer.
You are as elegant as Michele your Mama.
Your body is so curvy and slender.
Your smile so gracious and tender.
Malia, to your charm i surrender.
Forgive me,i don’t mean to be an offender.
We have never met;
we are worlds apart.
You live in a mansion,i live in a hut.
But that doesn’t matter, if i win your heart.
Malia, i may be poor,
thats for sure.
But know this..
Nothing is sweeter than a Love so pure!
I know Justin Beiber,
might be your Neighbour.
But you don’t care about looks, right?
Say hi to your sister Sash..
Tell her,am a crash.
Malia,i will wait for you till forever;am in no rush.
Did i make you blush?





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