Traces are left


People walk around the road,
Thinking about the shopping,
Thinking about the work,

Just a regular life is happening like in any town.
We are in war, are they attacking us?
We have a wedding today, is everybody ready?

Then a flash,
Was is god? No just the human stupidity.
Everything disappear and in one second the life of that town changes

Young and pretty girls burned down.
People now walk around like dead men.
Nobody still knows what’s going on.

Sometimes it happens due to the nature,
Sometimes it happens due to the humans.

The cowards who ordered to throw it, they knew from the begin they couldn’t win that war.
The cheap soldier who throw is, maybe did, or maybe did not know what was he doing.
Stupid soldier, a bounch of dummies all they learn is to click then whatever happens happens.

Even if we are destroyed we still fight, someone say,
But the corrupted sourrend, they are scared.

Life goes on, never give up,
everything is rebuild.

Traces are left there, in the memory,
as long everything will be gone.

*Hiroshima Nagasaki bombings*


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