Poem on Haj Pilgrim


O People Gone for Hajj

O people gone on Hajj Pilgrimage
Where are you? Where are you?
The Beloved is right here
Come on back, come on back!

Your Beloved is your next-door neighbor 
-Wall-to-walls –
Why are you wandering in the Arabian deserts?

If you take a really good look at 
Beloved’s faceless Face,
You will get to see that 
The Master, the Holy House, and the Kaaba 
Are all in reality You!

You’ve already journeyed ten times 
On the path of Hajj Pilgrimage 
To visit that Holy House.
For once, 
Also climb up to the roof of your own house
That Holy House is indeed magnificent

You’ve already talked about its many wonders.But from the Master of that House, 
Did you get its correct address?

Where is your flower bouquet 
If you’ve seen that Divine Garden?

Where is your soul’s pearly essence
If you now belong to the Ocean of God?

Well, despite of it all, May all your sufferings turn into your treasures.
Alas, you are always veiling your own treasures.




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