story of Tippu

Photo@Mayank austen soofi
               Photo@Mayank austen soofi

Everyone is walks freely but not him. He is not a human being.One cloudy afternoon The Delhi Walla meets a very edible-looking white rooster Tippu on Chelmsford Road, the avenue in the city’s central district that goes to New Delhi railway station.

The rooster is standing on a raised pavement; one of his yellow legs is tied by a plastic cord to a telephone cable. He is able to hop up only to the edge of the pavement. His world ends there.

The only material object available to the rooster is an earthen pan filled with water. Next to it is a shoeshine stall.

The rooster is not making any noise. The traffic on the road is dense but he is not being noticed by the commuters although his red crest should catch their eyes.

Soon a little boy appears. He is barefoot. Standing still with his arms on his hips, he possessively looks down at the quiet rooster. He is mine, my Tippu the boy says.

It turns out that the boy’s name is Mithun.

Picking up the rooster, Mithun, whose home is in a nearby slum, says, Tippu lives with me. The rooster pecks the boy on his cheek. Mithun returns the affection by kissing him on his beak.

Mithun kneels down on the pavement and gently releases the rooster on the cement floor. Tippu quickly runs up to the wall.The next moment he again hops up to the edge of the pavement.

Mithun says he misses Tippu  Read Tipu’s story with Mayank Austen Soofi >>>


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