poor man’s flashlight




In the dark, perhaps, a sailors glimmer,
On his journey, towards destination,
And a land structure’s time table.
Of the common and of going,
Of the dirt’s strength.

Inland observers are caretakers of the full moon.
Through the fall and summer too,
However you gaze, at this opposite side,
Christmas ornaments, sometimes it all depends,
On how you see the Sun,

Some see it more beautifully reflected off of
The spinning connection that controls the tide.
Others see the orbiting ball of mass,
As a shine of absolutely nothing at all.
But, a glare in the window, of a slightly jaded glass,

When I recognize the Moon, I realize it fully,
I adore its importance; I appreciate its way,
To compromise itself, by turning away,
Taking care of its drawn object, of scientific reason
While showing an unknown dark side, every season



-Marisa frederick


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