barefoot painter


                                     MF HUSSAIN

India! You’re a callous assassin, who declared
MF Hussain a blasphemer and killed
him mercilessly outside his home!

don’t be street smart. The nonagenarian artist
with boyish enthusiasm didn’t die a natural
death—your gangsters forcibly sent him into
exile, which was like separating a newborn from
the mother to die a painful death!

India! You destroyed the barefoot painter as if
he was a grotesque painting of Mother Nature!

You acknowledged the artist as a desi Picasso
but where the genuine maestros are in this fake
society? I know you really don’t know! The only
thing you know is butchery—killing at state and
communal levels without a ceasefire—that is what
we’ve seen since the supposed independence!

You killed the iconoclastic artist born to a Muslim
family. He had committed no crime—had fallen in
love with the legendary charming Hindu goddesses.
The only thing he could do in this forbidden love
affair was to rely on his imagination—and paint the
deities in nude—but he was not bawdy rude!

The dead artist considered Hinduism more tolerant
and used nudity as a metaphor for purity!

The world went crazy when the artist painted
and paid in millions for his masterpieces. The
fakir flourished and soon was in a Ferrari and,
India, your goons developed criminal jealousy!

You killed an artist with the help of your holy
gangsters in such a tactful way (like the ISI)
that neither we can call him a martyr nor
register any criminal case against the assassins!

You killed him in a painful way !

-Habib Sulemani Tributes Painter MF Hussain-


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