sketch of a painter

MF Hussain Painting

                          Art by MF Hussain

The walls are white
The hands play with the child.
The beard rests on the chest
The mane hides the ears.
The eyes are moist with memories.
The hand sketches on
Fragments of life.
The body is straight,

But at the slightest touch of wind, the mane leaps. He gets up,
Looking like a fluttering flag.
The feet – not bare – in slippers –
But only for the moment.

Wait for sundown
Wait for twilight
Wait for the dark night to plant new thoughts
In tempestuous dreams……..
And as the first ray of sunlight
Cracks the city enveloped by Durga’s hair
And makes a hole through the curtains,
The bare feet
will rise once again
And gallop away
Like horses.

Because the tale is still unfinished.

Maqbool fida Hussain Tribute


One response to “sketch of a painter

  1. Brilliant poem. There is a deluge of emotions written with such simple language. I could feel the message the writer wants to convey in this piece, and I think any creative artist can relate to this and get inspired to rise up and finish that incomplete page of imagination.

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