I remember


Remember how nervous we got ? Every time we were left alone, how our lips would curl up in the edges and draw the widest possible smiles on our faces along with the softest chuckles. Trying to close the gap between our hands and filling the spaces left between our knuckles.

Remember how awkward we got? Every time one of us tried throwing an ice breaker, the nerves would just eat us whole and fill the room with laughter and giggles. We tried spilling out words to complete the missing letters hanging right through the middles.

Remember how comfortable we got? It took us a while to let go of our cold feet, but finally then whenever we were left alone, we breathed in relief and joy would bubble us up into a whole different world.

Convincing us to overlook the times our feet ever got cold.
Remember how close we got? Every time one of us stopped talking, the other jumped in with a new subject. We shared our thoughts till our minds became duplicate and our habits became identical.
Studying and cherishing our every move until we almost became symmetrical.

Remember how deep we got? distributing out our childhood memories and sharing our biggest fears. Merging our anxious links and clustering together our tears. Remember how far we got? Tearing down our walls, accepting every flaw and welcoming every imperfection. I guess every fairytale has an ending, and every love story can lose its strong affection.

Once again, I miss you. I miss you so much



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