death of begger


He had only one arm and it looked like he was blind
He always blocked the sideway but never was unkind
I often passed him by but seldom threw a dime
Since I didn´t want to support an organized crime

In the corner nearby there was a girl without a tongue
She can never speak a word or never sing a song
Her parents’ ugly action only a devil might explain
There are no sides to take for the balance of the blame

The street was cold and cruel but somehow they survived
Forced to beg for money just to keep themselves alive
Every day´s a struggle when there is no hope to share
But still the flame of life remained strong enough to flare

The police cleaned the alley all the beggars had to leave
They lost their only home although it was just the street
I later heard the guards say that one of them soon died
Was it blind man or that girl is the question in my mind.



-Petri karvinen-


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