The paper was finaly set!
On my table now it lay,
I bend down and had to pray,
Read the instructions below,
I felt low,
Do all the questions in Section A,
Two questions in section B,
I hesitated,
It was a full paper!

Question number one,
So courageous yet i had read none,
What is love?
I took out my pen,
Love is….
I paused,
This is tricky,
But i had to do this,
So when i finally came at ease,
I answered..

Question number two,
This was tricky too,
My mind changed to blue,
I almost went to the loo,
Have you ever fallen in love?
I laughed,
Looked at the person next,
Too bad he had already slept,
And his examination paper kept,
I had to answer this,
Because you know i had payed my fees.

Question number three,
Would you die for love?
I would but,,
My life,
I too value my life so much,
Even if i love as such,
My love for life is a notch higher,
But i had to answer this,
I opened my eyes wide,
Ooh it finally dawned,
That was a dream !



-Stylle mundalo-


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